Tuesday, July 1, 2008


i wont ask this questions anymore, coz i know that You are just there beside me..before, i thought You are so far away from me.. but i thought wrong. you were there, trying to hold me but i keep running away.forgive me.. i didnt trust You then..but now, i realize i was wrong in not trusting You.. for not allowing you to enter my life. when the truth is, i have been searching for you my whole life.And now i understand why i cry everytime i talk to you or when i am speaking about You...Sadness and happiness i have felt...Sadness, that it takes me to do all those unrighteous things and faced much trials and challenges that cause bitterness to stay in my heart before i realize that You are just right there.. waiting for me to admit myself to You.. and You longing to hold me.Happiness, when i finally found You and made You the center of my life. and now i know that you made me for You..I trust no one but You...
Psalm 73:25"Whom have I in heaven but You? and earth has nothing i desire besides You.."

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