Tuesday, July 1, 2008


People that i admire the most are those who dedicated their life in serving others no matter what their stations. And one of them is Florence Nightingale. She was born into a rich, upper-class, well-connected British family and yet she was able to reach out and cared for the poor and indigent people. Eventhough she was discouraged by her parents, she commited herself into nursing. During her time, the role of a woman was to become a wife and a mother. And nursing on those days was a career with a poor reputation, in fact, it was equally likely to function as a cook. But this didn't stop Florence Nightingale in entering nursing even if it brings anger and distress to her family, particularly her mother.Florence Nightingale's lasting contribution has been her role in founding the modern nursing profession, setting an example of compassion, commitment to patient care, and diligent and thoughtful hospital administration.

Eversince i was a kid, my dream was to become a doctor. I want to be able to help those people who has illness and who are sick. I know it is a big dream, and being born into a poor family, it is impossible for me to achieve this dream. But being poor didnt stop me to dream even if i have to start from scratch. My dream helps me to strive harder in my studies and use every opportunity i can get to reaching my goal. And being compassionate to others is a key in fulfilling my dream. That is why i entered the nursing career, not only for monetary benefits but for a reason that serving others gives me happiness that is priceless


i wont ask this questions anymore, coz i know that You are just there beside me..before, i thought You are so far away from me.. but i thought wrong. you were there, trying to hold me but i keep running away.forgive me.. i didnt trust You then..but now, i realize i was wrong in not trusting You.. for not allowing you to enter my life. when the truth is, i have been searching for you my whole life.And now i understand why i cry everytime i talk to you or when i am speaking about You...Sadness and happiness i have felt...Sadness, that it takes me to do all those unrighteous things and faced much trials and challenges that cause bitterness to stay in my heart before i realize that You are just right there.. waiting for me to admit myself to You.. and You longing to hold me.Happiness, when i finally found You and made You the center of my life. and now i know that you made me for You..I trust no one but You...
Psalm 73:25"Whom have I in heaven but You? and earth has nothing i desire besides You.."


Triumph is a precious thing. We honor the triumphant. The gallant soldier sitting astride his steed. The determined explorer returning from his discovery. The winning athlete holding aloft the triumpant trophy of victory. Yes, we love triumph.Triumph brings with it a swell of purpose and meaning. When im triumphant, im worthy. when im triumphant, i count. when i'm triumphant, im significant.Triumph is fleeting, though, hardly does one taste victory, yet before it is gone; achieved, yet now history. no one remains a champion forever. time for yet another conquest, another victory.perhaps this is the absurdity of Paul's claim: "But thanks be to God, who always leads us triumphal procession.." 2cor2:24the triumph of Christ is not temporary. triumphant in Christ is not an event or an occassion. its not fleeting. to be triumphant in Christ is a life-style.. a state of being.. to triumph in Christ is not something we do, its something we are.here is a big difference between a victory in Christ and a victory in the world:a victor in the world rejoices over something he did--swimming the english channel, climbing the mount everest, making a million.but the believer rejoices over who he is--a child of God, a forgiven sinner, an heir of eternity. as the hymn goes, " heir of salvation, purchase of God, born of his spirit, washed in His blood".Nothing can seperate us from our triumph in Christ. Nothing! our triumph is not based upon our feelings but upon God's gift. our triumph is based not upon our perfection but upon God's forgiveness.How precious is the triumph! For eventhough we pressed on in every side, the victory is still ours. Nothing can alter the loyalty of God.As Joan of Arc said when she was abondoned by those who should have stood by her,"it is better to be alone with God. His friendship will not fail me, nor His counsel, nor His love. In His strength i will dare and dare and dare until i die!".Triumphant in Christ, its not something we do. its something we are...


Remember the "Sungka"? It is one of the traditional Filipino Game played by two person. The object of the game is to amass stones or cowrie shells in your home base (bahay) by continuously distributing the shells around lesser holes until you run out of shells to distribute. The person who collects the most shells in his/her bahay wins.
I kinda remember playing sungka with my brothers & sisters, cousins, and childhood friends. We have so much fun with this indoor game. At the end of the school day, i ran to my grandparents old house or to my childhood friends house just to play sungka. Nowadays, many people have forgotten about this traditional game. They have forgotten many traditional indoor or outdoor fun games that was passed thru generations. It is so sad that the meaning of fun this days is sitting in front of computers and TV and play video games. An i come to question, "what happened?" Well, someday i'll find out.
Anyways, when i go back home to Philippines, i plan to buy some sungka and im gonna teach my husband how to play it instead of sitting in front of TV and play xbox. And im sure it's going to be FUN!!!

The Biology of Learning

Learning and conditioning produce relatively permanent changes in neural connections and various parts of the brain. Evolutionary theorists believe some behavior is unlearned (e.g., reflexes or instincts), and that learning and conditioning are further adaptations that enable organisms to survive and prosper in a constantly changing world.