Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Remember the "Sungka"? It is one of the traditional Filipino Game played by two person. The object of the game is to amass stones or cowrie shells in your home base (bahay) by continuously distributing the shells around lesser holes until you run out of shells to distribute. The person who collects the most shells in his/her bahay wins.
I kinda remember playing sungka with my brothers & sisters, cousins, and childhood friends. We have so much fun with this indoor game. At the end of the school day, i ran to my grandparents old house or to my childhood friends house just to play sungka. Nowadays, many people have forgotten about this traditional game. They have forgotten many traditional indoor or outdoor fun games that was passed thru generations. It is so sad that the meaning of fun this days is sitting in front of computers and TV and play video games. An i come to question, "what happened?" Well, someday i'll find out.
Anyways, when i go back home to Philippines, i plan to buy some sungka and im gonna teach my husband how to play it instead of sitting in front of TV and play xbox. And im sure it's going to be FUN!!!

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